Hypertension or high blood-pressure is considered as a silent killer that can cause damage to your heart, eye, and brain. It can increase your chances of having a stroke and can lead to other complications if left unchecked. The lack of symptoms makes hypertension difficult to notice, which is why it becomes increasingly important to monitor it. Namdoc makes it easier for you by monitoring your blood pressure level through Bluetooth devices, so that you can stay away from complications.


Having too low or too high, sugar in your blood can make you feel sick, causing complications in the long run. Taking medicines on time, sticking to a properly balanced diet, and getting a regular amount of exercise is very important to keep your blood sugar under control. Regular monitoring of blood sugar is very essential if you have been diagnosed as diabetic. With the use of Bluetooth devices, we make sure your blood sugar is under control, at all times.

Kidney Disease

When your kidneys are no longer able to filter out the waste from your blood, your body can become overloaded with toxins. With time, this can lead to renal failure that can be life-threatening if left unchecked. Discuss your symptoms with the doctors at NamDoc. You can ask for a consultation session right from the comfort of your home and get all your queries clarified.



You are what you eat. Diet is a very important part of your life. It is a very natural way of controlling your ailments and avoiding unnecessary complications. NamDoc offers dietician consultation sessions that you can avail right from the comfort of your home.

Device Monitoring

With the kind of hectic lifestyles, we have, we at Namaste Doctor, understand how difficult it is for you to monitor your blood glucose and blood pressure levels, regularly. Hence, we bring to you the most effective way of keeping your biometrics under control through – device monitoring. With the help of Bluetooth-enabled devices, we keep a check on your blood sugar and blood pressure levels, remotely. The moment our system detects an anomaly, we issue an alert, to make sure you take corrective action, through a change of medication or hospitalization.

Home Labs

Getting your lab tests done and taking your medicines on time is very important to maintain good health. Namdoc makes it easy for you by arranging for blood and urine samples to be collected right from the comfort of your home. The lab results will be sent to you instantly.

Care at Your Fingertips

What if you had the power to access all your lab results instantly, from home, work or even in transit? Imagine the convenience of having all your health records at your fingerprints, safely stored electronically that you could retrieve from anywhere, at any time. Namaste Doctor maintains a detailed clinical profile of every registered user, where a user can upload lab results, doctor’s prescription etc., update, store and edit their profile, whenever the need arises.

Your Health is Our No.# 1 Priority!

Our Services

BP & Glucose Monitoring

We use Bluetooth devices to monitor your BP and blood sugar levels, remotely whether you are at home, work, or traveling. We will make sure you get the right care at the right time.

Outpatient Clinics

We arrange face-to-face visits to help you meet our specialists in our outpatient clinics. We maintain your schedules and make sure you don’t have to unnecessarily wait once you are at the clinic.

Electronic Health Records

We maintain all your health records electronically. You can access them through your smartphone. No more worries about losing your paper records.

Instant Lab Results

We arrange to collect your blood and urine samples from the comfort of your home. Your lab results will be made available at the earliest, and you can access those on your smartphone.

Specialist Consultations

You can book appointments with healthcare specialists from your desktop or smartphone. Additionally, you can call, chat or video conference with them, at a time convenient for you.

Continuing Care

See your own doctor all the time to ensure quality, continuity and completeness of care.