Traditional way vs Online way of Healthcare

There was a time of traditional shopping than era to online shopping started.  We came with Same concept in health sector. We did survey of people and found that traditional way of getting treatment is outdated now, its time consuming, costly and not much effective. So, our doctors team decided to prepare online portal with all facilities. A portal for Doctors, patients, Nurses, Labs. All are connected with each other.

Traditional way Online way
You need to wait at opd No need to wait for your turn at opd, we will schedule your appointment
You need to manage health record in files With our App you can manage your health record at your fingertip in your mobile / pc
You need to visit lab for various reports Our person will come to collect samples.
You need to wait at lab to collect report With our App you will get online report delivery in your mobile
No direct contact with doctors at anytime anywhere Direct contact with doctors at anytime anywhere with our App
You cant monitor your BP and Blood sugar level anywhere anytime With our Bluetooth devices You can monitor your BP and Blood sugar level anywhere anytime
Time consuming consultation and nurse arrangement You can Arrange for remote consultations and home nurse visits using our friendly app
Wastage of time in traffic and waiting for treatment Time saving, comfortable and easy way of treatment
At emergency – its hard to reach doctor at right time Anytime, anywhere direct contact with doctors
Wastage of fuel, time and money Save fuel, time and money with online way
Less chance of selecting Doctors You can select doctors online and contact them online

Use Namaste Doctor Polyclinics for Online Health Services

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